Railway & Industrial Approved

MINMAX Railway DC-DC Converter family (power range from 10 to 75W) and Industrial AC-DC Power Supply family (power range from 15 to 60W) are designed to meet stringent requirements and harsh environment testing, without any doubts, can be your most ideal solutions for railway and industrial applications. 


Railway approval DC-DC converter family available for railway input voltage with 24V, 48V, 72V, 110VDC and tight regulation for 5V, 12V, 15V, 24 VDC output voltage.


Advanced circuit topology provides a very high efficiency up to 92%, allowing baseplate temperature up to 105℃ and very high I/O isolation up to 3000VAC with reinforced insulation.


Our industrial AC-DC Power Supplies are available for universal input 85~264VAC (47~440Hz) and I/O isolation are rated from 3000 VAC to 4200 VAC.


Railway Approval, Industrial Safety and Application

In accordance with EN50155 approval, railway DC-DC Converter family conforms to railway input voltage range and transient requirements: (1) vibration and thermal shock test meets EN61373. (2) Cooling, dry and damp heat test meets IEC/EN 60068-2.   (3) Railway EMC standard meets EN50121-3-2 and complies also with railway approval EN50155 (IEC60571). Further features include overload, overvoltage, short circuit protection, remote ON/OFF, output trim, output sensing and EN45545-2 fire protection test to ensure system safety. All Industrial AC-DC power supplies are approved to UL508 for Industrial application.


MINMAX Railway DC-DC converters are high reliable solutions for critical railway applications in traction inverter, backup power system, train operation monitor, gate controller and many railway systems. Industrial AC-DC power supplies offer high robustness and reliability for demanding industrial applications in DAQ Controller, Detector, Analyzer, Switch, HMI, PoE, Solar Inverter, Wind Turbine, Tracking Recorder and many industrial equipment. 

Railway Approval DC-DC Converters and Industrial Safety AC-DC Power Supplies
Railway/Industrial DC-DC Converters  
Railway Approval DC-DC Converters 10-75W   Industrial Safety AC-DC Power Supplies 15-60W


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